Hello, World
Hello, World

Artist Finds Beauty In The Garbage Choked Ocean.
The sometimes eerie images featured in Mandy Barker’s photo series, called Soup, draw attention to the issue of ocean pollution.
This isn’t the first time that Fast Company has addressed this topic. 
The Problem:
Whoops! There Is Way More Plastic In The Ocean Than We Thought
This Is What It’s Like To Sail In The Pacific Trash Vortex
Innovative Ways That People Are Trying to Fix the Problem:
Paradise Recycled: Architects Dream of Turning Great Pacific Garbage Patch Into Habitable Island
So Long, Pacific Trash Vortex, Hello Diesel Fuel
Electrolux Unveils Vacuums Decorated With Ocean Debris
Method Cleans Up Ocean Plastic for Soap Bottles
5 Simple Ways To Drastically Reduce Our Plastic Consumption

[Images by Mandy Barker][Post by M.Cecelia Bittner]
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